The 4 Best Essential Oils For Depression & How To Use Them

If your looking for an holistic and natural way to improve your mood – Frank Horstmann's list of essential oils to ease depression may help to change your outlook on life.

essential oils for depression

For years, essential oils and aromatherapy have been used as an alternative support for mild to moderate depression. More and more people are reaching for natural ways and therapies to combat both physical and psychological ailments.

The majority of us probably have had some kind of imbalance in our lives at some time.

This may be due to lack of activity, or eating/drinking the wrong things, problems at work, or maybe difficult issues in a relationship. 

These resulting imbalances can, over time, have a drastic effect on the mood of an individual. Lack of exercise may lead to weight gain, which then may lead to not wanting to engage in any activity at all.

The consumption of the wrong foods and drink can lead to skin problems, resulting in a person not feeling good about their appearance. Little by little, a person gets sucked into a downward spiral.

Nature’s little helpers, in the form of essential oils, can help to break this cycle, and depending which oils are used, help reduce anxiety, creating a more positive outlook.

What Essential Oils Are Good For Depression?

No. 1 – Citrus oils

The uplifting and cheerful fragrances of orange, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit, lime and mandarin, increase clarity and focus. These oils are best to use in the morning to kickstart the day.

essential oils for depression and stress

No. 2 – Clary Sage

A very calming and uplifting scent that creates a sense of euphoria.

Ideal to use in the evenings and before bed.

aromatherapy for depression

No. 3 – Lavender

One of the most versatile oils aromatherapy has to offer. The wonderful soothing and relaxing properties of lavender are well documented. The oil can be use as a pick-me-up or as a balancing oil.

best essential oils for depression

No. 4 – Marjoram

A perfect oil for calming frayed nerves and helps create a sense of normality.

essential oils bipolar

All the above-mentioned essential oils can be blended with each other.

depression infographic

Ways To Use Essential Oils


essential oil inhaler

A quick and easy way to administer oils to your system – simply put 3–5 drops of your chosen oil on a tissue and inhale mindfully.

With every inhale, think about the word "positive", and with every exhale, the word "negative".

Continue for 2–3 minutes.

Essential oils burners & vapourisers

essential oil burner

The desired oils are placed in a bowl with water and lit from underneath.

The water/oil mixture evaporates, leaving a pleasant fragrance in any room. Perfect for the bedroom before going to sleep.

Electric vapourisers do the same, but have no naked flame, so ideal for a child's bedroom.


depression treatment

Simply run a bath and choose your oils. Mix the oils with some full fat milk so they disperse in the water.

Add the oils when the bath is full and ensure the windows are closed so the oils can work their magic.

Essential Oils Candles

types of depression

A lovely way to get the benefits of the oils into any room. Make sure you buy good quality and natural-based candles.

Soya candles are best. I make and sell my exclusive aromatherapy range at

Aromatherapy Massage

aromatherapy massage

The best way to harvest the power of essential oils: find a good aromatherapist! The practitioner will take a medical history and then create a suitable blend specifically for your needs.

Massage leaves you feeling relaxed and calm, and in some cases euphoric, ready to tackle any arising problems.

Incorporating essential oils into your daily life will help lift your mood, easing feelings of anxiety and tension. Even small things, like choosing an oil and simply mixing it with your shower gel first thing in the morning can make a vital difference and brighten your day.

Essential oils are very powerful, so please check with your doctor before using them, especially if you are pregnant or have high blood pressure.

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