The 5 Golden Rules For The Perfect Pair Of Yoga Pants

Follow these expert tips next time you're on the hunt for new yoga pants.

yoga pants

Yoga is about mindfulness, creating awareness of both body and mind.

So it’s important you find the perfect pair of yoga trousers that you feel comfortable in, both on and off the mat.

1. Opaque, Opaque, Opaque

The last thing you want to worry about while you’re in a downward facing dog is that your fellow class mates can see through your leggings.

Let’s be honest, our derrières are usually the last thing we want to be showing off so it’s worth investing in a pair that offer 100% opacity.

2. Love The Leggings

You may think that baggy trousers equals comfort but as you flow through your Vinyasa excess material and loose fitting trousers will only hinder your practice.

A good pair of leggings will support your muscles whilst allowing you and your instructor to keep an eye on your alignment: Are your hips straight? Is your knee in line with ankle?

Sculpting leggings will really assist with your technique but if you really can’t abide them, then choose a slim fitting pant with a small cuff at the ankle.

best yoga pants

3. No Nonsense

Opt for a flat waistband and avoid anything with drawstrings, ties, or zips.

Yoga is all about awareness of your body and it’s difficult to concentrate and fully immerse yourself in the moment if you’ve got unnecessary design details irritating you during cobra or savasana.

4. Fabric First

Cotton may be comfortable and soft but it can also bag at the knees and loosen at the hips. Opt for pants that have a high percentage of polyamide elastane, a sweat-wicking fabric that will serve you in all disciplines, from hatha to Bikram.

The high-stretch fabric will also keep its shape as you stretch and flow – perfect if you’re planning to head straight from your class to complete your daily chores.

5. The Fitting Room Test

When trying on your pants, do a few stretches or squats. Maybe bend over to touch your toes to make sure they don’t slip or gape at the waistband. Do a few stretches and twists to ensure you feel comfortable. 

Don't be afraid to ask in store for help or advice. The assistants in-the-know will be only too delighted to suggest tried-and-tested items and help you find the pair that’s right for you.

They have a passion for fitness themselves and want you to feel happy and comfortable in your new pants! 

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