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7 Things To Know Before Your First Argentine Tango Lesson

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7 Things To Know Before Your First Argentine Tango Lesson

So you’re interested in starting something new? The Argentine tango is tempting, but what to expect?

Argentine Tango

Read on to discover a little more about what learning this dance involves and find out how it can enrich your life and help you physically.

Argentine tango is a dance for two. It was born in Argentina in the late 19th century, and danced on the streets of Buenos Aires by an eclectic group of mixed cultures who were gathered in search of work.

argentine tango steps

Seven Things To Know Before Your First Class

1. Clothing

Wear flexible everyday clothing. Shoes should have a leather or suede sole (no grips or rubber e.g. no trainers). Ladies usually dance in heels, but you can start in flats if you prefer.

You do NOT need a red rose, or fast head movements – save those for ballroom tango!

2. No Need For A Set Partner

You will be dancing with several partners during lessons unless you go with a partner then tell your teacher you would prefer not to change partners.

3.To Lead Or Follow

Usually men lead the dance, women follow. You will learn one of the roles.

4. Improvisation

You will learn moves/sequences in order to be able to improvise without set steps/choreography.

Argentine tango lessons

5. Music

The music will be Argentine tango, traditional or more modern, you will always move to the music.

6. The Space

You will learn to dance anti-clockwise around the perimeter of the dance space. And learn to use the space creatively.

7. Physical Benefits

You will develop a great physical awareness and sense of balance, a super strong core and your musical skills will be enhanced.

It is highly possible that you may fall in love with this passionate dance!

So, if you plan to take a tango class/course, have no fears. You will start with other beginners to learn all the fundamental elements of the dance – the basic moves and how to use them with the music. Tango etiquette is essential in the milonga. 

You will probably be ready to move to an intermediate class after 10-15 continuous weeks.

Be aware! You may become so inspired by the tango that it becomes an important part of your life, as it is in mine. 

About the author

Alexandra Wood

As well as teaching in the fitness industry for 17 years, Alexandra is an internationally renowned Argentine tango dancer and teacher. In 2002 she co-founded "Tango in Action", the first Argentine tango school in London and then in 2011 created her own tango school alexandrawoodtango.co.uk She has studied tango mainly in Argentina and tours extensively, dancing and teaching all over the world in shows and festivals. For over two years, she toured with the show "Tango Motion" with Tango Siempre and in 2011–2013, Alexandra performed in the theatrical sensation "Midnight Tango" starring Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace of "Strictly Come Dancing" fame. She has also performed on the BBC's "Strictly Come Dancing" herself. Along side her passion for the tango, Alexandra runs regular Ballet-Tone, Stretch & Detox workshops ballet-tone.co.uk.  

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