About the author

Mark Llewhellin

After serving 7 years in the British Army (mainly with 7 Commando Battery, 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery), Mark moved to London to work as a bodyguard in London's exclusive Park Lane. He became a personal trainer in 1999 and decided to take on new challenges after being inspired by Canadian, Terry Fox's run across Canada. Mark ran for 6 days, covering 130 miles across the Sahara desert; 1,620 miles from Denver to San Francisco and has also broken the 100k treadmill world record. After a little gap of "life" getting in the way, in 2013 he was down to a 2 mile jog 2–3 times a week. Then with the likelihood of his local hospital in Wales being closed down, he walked/ran 70 miles last year on his 40th birthday to raise money to prevent its closure. He has set up the Great American Journey of Hope to raise money for 7 charities and will be running, cycling or walking across the States for the next 7 years! You're invited to join him on this glorious journey. superherodayuk.com greatamericanjourneyofhope.com Twitter Facebook