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Shazzie is a business and life mastery mentor, specialising in helping ethical businesses soar via her website, Grow Your First Million, (growyourfirstmillion.com). She is the best selling author of five books (Detox Delights, Detox Your World, Naked Chocolate, Evie’s Kitchen, Ecstatic Beings), a TV presenter for Sky TV (Raw Kitchen), a mummy to her daughter and a lover to the most awesome man on the planet. Shazzie has also created several life altering courses (New 2 Raw, Divinity In A Box, Shazzie Speaks 2.0 Home Study Course) and hosts a life mastery web site called Shazzie’s VIP Room. Shazzie is a writing and recording artist for Diviniti Publishing, where she has released several guided meditations as MP3s and smart phone apps, available via iTunes and Audible. Sleep Easliy Meditation has been downloaded around half a million times. Shazzie has published a best selling raw food app, for the iPhone, 97 Reasons To Eat Raw Food, and several other apps in her 97 range. (Search "Shazzie" in iTunes to find them all.) Shazzie became financially free, paid off the mortgage on her million dollar home and “retired” aged 43, when she sold her baby – Europe’s largest superfood company. She now focuses on helping others get to the same stage so they can enjoy their lives to the full, too. As her karma work to the world, Shazzie co-founded and co-manages The Heart Centre, a shamanic temple for personal transformation, based near her home in Sussex, UK. Instagram Twitter Facebook YouTube