About the author

Siri Atma Anselmi

Siri Atma Anselmi is a certified Kundalini yoga teacher as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Born in Italy in Rome, he has travelled and studied different styles of yoga, meditations, Gatka Sikh martial art, and qi gong in various countries. He focuses on Kundalini yoga and meditation and has been teaching yoga since 1992. Siri Atma teaches workshops and leads retreats in Italy and is registered with the Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association in the UK, and the 3HO in the USA, a global community of living yoga. He says “Kundalini yoga has transformed my life more than anything I have practised. My experience with this practice has been so effective and powerful that I am honoured to teach it. I want to share these teachings today, without change, because they are so incredibly healing.” Siri Atma is the father of one daughter, Sat Atma Mina Anselmi, and loves riding his motorbike and travelling. siriatma.co.uk Facebook Instagram