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Steven Shaw

Steven Shaw, known as the "horse whisperer of swimming", is the designer of the internationally-acclaimed Shaw Method of swimming and founder of London-based Art of Swimming Ltd, based in Frome in Somerset, UK.

He brings with him 25 years' experience of developing the Shaw Method, a technique which has enabled over 10,000 people worldwide transform their swimming and their relationship with the water.

Steven has applied principles of the Alexander Technique to water, recrafting the strokes to promote optimal body alignment, ergonomic motion, and lasting physical comfort. His teaching incorporates a combination of dry land and water-based training, with hands-on guidance in the pool to facilitate learning. The result is a greater body awareness and a mindful approach to swimming, beneficial beyond the pool.

Steven believes that anyone looking to improve their quality of life long-term, while exercising body and mind, will benefit from the Shaw Method. “I teach people from all walks of life: celebrities, people with special needs, children, professional athletes and adult beginners. What counts for me is addressing the needs and aspirations of each individual. It is so rewarding to see the what can be achieved in a few lessons.” 

The Shaw Method is taught in more than 10 countries worldwide by over 150 teachers trained personally by Steven. For more information about the Shaw Method, please visit artofswimming.com.

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