10 Surprising Benefits of “Yoga for Kids”

The benefits of yoga for adults are well-documented, however starting young – even as young as 2 years old,  helps lay solid foundations for their mind/body connection, good posture and flexibility. 

Kids’ yoga teacher, Susannah Hoffman, let’s us in on 10 surprising benefits of yoga for little people …

yoga for kids

I always ensure my classes with children are interesting, challenging and interactive. We play lots of games to improve motor skills and enhance creative expression.

There’s lots of laughter and making it light and happy means the kids look forward to their practice. They are always eager to learn and do more without even realising what wonderful health benefits they are receiving!

1) Develops Coordination & Balance

And maintains flexibility and builds strength. The varying postures – twists, backbends, forward bends and side stretches have a massaging effect on the body and tone the internal organs.

yoga poses for kids

The digestive system works more efficiently, the nervous system is maintained, the spine is kept mobile and the joints and muscles work together to keep the body strong as the child develops and changes.

2) Enhances Concentration

Balancing poses are excellent for building concentration and focus. They also strengthen the legs.

3) Increases Confidence & Self-esteem.

Yoga is non competitive, in this ever increasing competitive world it encourages us that we are all different and we are all good at different things.

teaching yoga for kids

4) Improves Creativity.

Particularly in younger children – with its fun animal sounds and themed classes such as "Jungle Adventure" and "Seaside Trip".

5) Encourages Exploration

Visualisations help older children explore their intuitive nature and listen to their inner feelings.

6) Calms The Mind

It is also important to remember that as concentration is linked to breath length, it is physically impossible for children under 7–8 to concentrate for any length of time as their lungs don’t fully develop until around 8 years old.

yoga moves for kids

7) Enhances Spatial Awareness & Co-ordination.

Movements such as reversed triangle, or any opposite hand to foot movements, can improve brain function by synchronising the left and right brain and increase the pathways in the brain. This also enhances spatial awareness and co-ordination.

8) Improves Confidence

Chanting helps them find their voice and express their emotions. A lot of children feel self-conscious about their voice, so chanting simple things like “om” or om shanti in a group helps to encourage them to express themselves. They also feel the calming effect from it.

9) Offers Tools For Stress Management

Yoga provides the techniques for dealing with the increasing academic pressures and peer pressure. The physical aspect helps produce endorphins that make us feel happy and the breathing techniques help slow down the heart rate and the relaxations calm the mind as well as the body.

Relaxation aids sleep and children learn better if they get a good night’s sleep, eat well, drink plenty of water and do regular exercise.

benefits of yoga for kids

10) Self-acceptance & Compassion

Encourages self-acceptance and compassion for others by being kind, patient and accepting with themselves and others and understanding we are all unique and good at different things.

So if you have a boisterous toddler or an older child who needs a bit more movement in their busy timetable, a child with special needs, or just want to offer your children more meaningful social connection, then kids’ yoga may just be the activity.  Lots of yoga studios now offer children's classes and some schools have recognised the benefits and have added yoga to the curriculum or check online for your nearest class. 

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About the author

Susannah Hoffman

Susannah has been teaching yoga to children for over 20 years. At 4 years old, she started copying her next door neighbour, an Iyengar teacher, and then attended classes with a British Wheel of Yoga teacher from the age of 9. Susannah teaches yoga to children at Triyoga, Europe’s leading yoga centre in London and created the accredited "Teaching Yoga to Children" training that runs from their Camden studios. She also teaches pregnancy classes, baby massage, beginner courses, and is a teacher trainer on Triyoga’s Teacher Training Diploma, The British wheel of Yoga Foundation Course, as well as a teacher of adult yoga classes and being a doula (birthing partner). SusannahHoffmanYoga.com

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