10 Easy Steps to Detox and Destress

Feeling lethargic, stressed and run down? Here are 10 easy ways to reboot.  Holly Mullin explains how ...

detox destress

When we first think of DETOX we almost immediately think of food or fasting.

But did you know that when we relax, unwind and let go our bodies naturally begin to detox and release whatever has been held within the structure of the cell.

These are: synthetic toxins, toxic emotions, thoughts or feelings and physical stress or tension.

Regular physical relaxation, stretching and breathing offer a far deeper detox than food alone. Movement and stillness are literally the key to being in a state of optimal ease.

This is what I call "Awakening Medicine", and here is your prescription:

#1 – Eat FRESH!

Of course food is still important, but let’s gets real. We all know the basic rules of thumb: the quicker it gets from the ground to your plate, with as few chemicals, processes and refinements as possible – the better.

If a caveman couldn’t have eaten it, then neither should you!


detox breath

#3 – Relax

Everybody should meditate for at least 20 minutes every day, unless of course you’re too busy, then you should meditate for an hour.

Resting our bodies and minds either in a relaxed centred sitting posture or lying down supported by the floor should be enjoyed at least once or twice every day.

#4 – Alkalise

The nature of alkaline is cooling, calming and soothing versus acid which is hot, burning and inflammation. Western lifestyles are high is acid-forming substances.

Make sure you counterbalance this by introducing alkalising thoughts, feelings and foods to your every day practice.

#5 – Stretch


Creating tension with a stretch and/or muscle contraction is an important way to relax physical tension and bring fresh blood, nutrients and oxygen to stuck and stagnant areas in the body.

These areas usually also carry toxins and cholesterol. Stretch and keep the blood moving.

#6 – Hydrate

First the organ dries out, and then toxins, cholesterol, fungus, germs, viruses, parasites and bacteria get trapped, accumulate, multiply and become a chronic condition in the long term – drink water!

#7 – Therapies

A great way to enjoy passive relaxation is to find a treatment that you love. Unwind and enjoy whilst activating the bodies detox systems and circulation to improve lymph drainage and blood flow.

Treat yourself to a therapy at least once a month and love yourself to life!

destress massage

#8 – Nature

There is no doubt that we have evolved from the earth. We have been connecting with nature for millennia and with technology for only a matter of decades.

If you want to re-connect and feel great, step away from the devices and go find your peace with a tree, breathe deep and know you are free.

#9 – Movement

Aerobic exercise like gentle running, skipping or dancing is perfect for improved breathing, heart, circulation and detox processes.

Added benefits include: more energy, greater clarity, sweating, breathing and keeping you warm during the cold winter months.

#10 – Positive thinking

Whatever we hold in our bodies is reflected in our minds and the opposite is also true.

So it’s not so much “mind over matter” as mind and body both matter and are both affected in a positive way when we focus on peaceful and loving thoughts.

Ultimately human beings are simple creatures who have basic needs, which we must keep free and easy if we want to not just survive but THRIVE in the 21st Century.

  • 1 – Nutrition ... keep it fresh!
  • 2 – Oxygen ... BREATHE
  • 3 – Relaxation ... rest and energise
  • 4 – Alkalise ... balance
  • 5 – Stretch ... release and restore
  • 6 – Hydrate ... water and good  oils
  • 7 – Therapies ... enjoy 'me' time
  • 8 – Nature ... discover and explore
  • 9 – Movement ... fresh blood to the muscles
  • 10 – Positive thinking ... LOVE! 
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Holly is a detox lifestyle expert. She has been actively involved in alternative therapies for 20 years and in the "detox business" for 10 years. In this time, she set up Breathe Detox Retreats which she runs with her partner in Devon and Spain. Most recently she is developing a new body system known as Awakening Medicine. This is a set of processes, which help you learn how to listen deeply to your body and realise your truest potential through self-love practices. You can find out more via her websites: breathedetox.com and nakedguru.co.uk

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