How To Drink More Water: 10 Simple Ways

Staying hydrated requires a smart approach – top personal trainer, Carly Newson-Siaperas, invites you to try these easy tips ...

how to drink more water

Our body is made up of between 50% – 65% of water so we need to ensure we stay hydrated.

Drinking water flushes out waste and toxins, improves skin complexion and aids smooth digestion. It also lubricates the joints and regulates body temperature.

Some people find even drinking the recommended eight glasses can prove a challenge, so here’s ten simple ways to drink more.

 #1 Added Flavour

Naturally flavour your water with cucumber or mint, limes or lemons. This makes it more interesting if you find water bland.

flavored water

#2 On The Go

Carry a 1.5 litre bottle around with you and take regular sips throughout the day.

Remember though, once you’re thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

water on the go

#3 Tea Time

Drink more herbal teas as these count towards your fluid intake.

herbal tea time

#4 Waterlogged

Download free apps like Waterlogged and Daily Water, to help track your water consumption.


#5 Exercise Savvy

When at the gym, take sips between each working set.


#6 First Thing

Make a morning ritual of drinking a large mug of warm water with squeezed lemon to kickstart your digestive system and ease constipation. Balances pH levels too. 


#7 Eat It

7. Consume water-rich foods, like water melon, grapefruit, celery, cucumber and lettuce.


#8 Meal Time

Drink a glass of water before you eat each meal. You won't overeat then as you'll feel a little fuller. 


#9 Dining Out

When at a restaurant, make a rule to only order water. You’ll notice a smaller bill and a smaller waistline.


#10 Short Straw

Drinking through a straw helps you consume more and keeps your lipstick on!

water infographic

Water is essential for a healthy body and mind. It helps us look younger, diffuses wrinkles and removes brain fog.

Please comment below if you have any other ideas of how you can improve your water intake.

About the author

Carly Newson-Siaperas

Carly Newson-Siaperas is an ex-professional dancer who has danced for Cheryl Cole and Olly Murrs and on such shows as The X Factor, Britain's Got Talent and Children In Need. Her love for being on stage and performing, led her down the fitness route and she is now a well-known fitness expert and sought after personal trainer, especially if you want a shapely booty. She is co-owner of FlexPT, a personal training studio in London and creator of The Ballet Butt ‘n Barre Workout™ and has presented at Be:Fit London, FitPro Live and regularly at the prestigious Champneys Health Spas. Carly is sponsored by Optimum Nutrition and loves hanging upside down on a Sunday doing aerial yoga. She is the proud owner of the wisest and funniest cat/hunter in London - Charlie Jones CARLYNEWSON @carlynewson @Flex_PT

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