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8 Inspirational Photos For A Better Monday

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8 Inspirational Photos For A Better Monday

Need a little push at the beginning of the week to get on the mat, take up boxing or maybe train outside? Professional photographer, Karen Yeomans, finds inspiration from the athletes she photographs. The results are unique, creative, colourful and spectacular.

Here are eight of her favourites. They light her fire and are sure to empower you to raise the bar.

inspirational photos

Before I shoot, I always prepare to the maximum with location scouts/lighting plans etc. and then on the day of the shoot let the energy flow.

Sometimes things don’t go how I imagined or there might be logistical hiccups. My philosophy with shooting is the same as in my yoga practice: I can prepare and plan, but on the day, you have to go with the flow.  I feel for what is right and always believe that everything is as it is meant to be. 

You can’t force it, there is no point stressing or becoming tense, as it will affect the final results. When I am shooting, it is all about tuning into the energy of the people and environment.

Seeing opportunities, taking risks and believing that everything is just perfect as it is - this is what lights my fire! I would like to share the background on 8 images to inspire some action into your week:

Jean Hall & Love Henna

funny inspirational photos

My yoga teacher and friend of 15 years had a request to incorporate henna to her shoot. We teamed up with Love Henna’s Ami Patel to create a series of images to reflect the energy of Jean’s teaching style.

Form, alignment and meditation through a slow, alignment focused yet dynamic practice with Jean Hall takes you deep inside.

Kino MacGregor

motivational pictures

Whilst Kino was in London in September 2014, we hooked up to create a series of images that express the concept that yoga can be practised anywhere.

She really wanted to capture some London sights and the images are alive with her fun approach to the practice.

Lisa Moore

motivational photos fitness

Haringey Gold Box Cup winner, Lisa Moore, and I shot together a few times in 2014. I wanted to capture the extent of the vigorous training involved to box at your best.

Lisa Moore

motivational images

Sometimes the going gets tough, step back, rest and plan your next move.

Annie Foulds’ Fitness

motivational photos

Sports and fitness build confidence and self-esteem, the connection and community offers much more than the obvious physical benefits.

Enabling us to achieve, believe and realize our full potential.

Baris & Marketa: Capoeira

inspirational images

Through the art of capoeira, the beautiful grace of the movements display a harmonious mixture of emotions and intent.

Such a pleasure to shoot with this couple whose yin/yang style energy flowed through the session, allowing me to capture moments of harmony and balance.

Boxing Yoga

inspirational posters

Boxing yoga incorporates the yoga practice asana to complement the movements required for boxing. During this project I started to learn boxing to really understand the movement, pace and focus of this sport.

I have become hooked and would thoroughly recommend boxing as a great way to keep fit and let off any excess energy.

Claire Missingham

inspirational photos

For this shoot Claire wanted to do something a little out of the ordinary, incorporate an environment not usually associated with yoga. The colourful, dynamic artwork creates a dramatic backdrop for a funky finish to her pictures.

I am passionate that each shoot is personal and reflects in the look and feel of my subjects teaching. I ask my clients to start a mood board so that together during a consultation we can build a brief for the shoot.

This important preparation means I can visualize and discuss the best steps to ensure that my clients get the images they desire for their product or offering.

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Being a photographer for more than 20 years, Karen expresses her love of sport and wellbeing through pictures and now works almost exclusively with sports people, yoga professionals and related businesses. Karen’s love of form, life and people translates through her specialisation in health, beauty, body, fitness and yoga photography. From her North London studio or on location, she works with energy and inspiration, always striving for a standard of excellence throughout. She has had a long-term committed yoga practice since her twenties and also loves to run and box. karenyeomans.com Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn

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