Is A Lemon Detox Diet A Waste Of Time?

Have you heard a lot about the Lemon Detox Diet, yet not sure how to get the most from this 10-day cleanse? Read on ...  

Well the answer is yes AND no. I know that’s not much of an answer – and a rather safe one at that – but there are pros and cons to doing the infamous lemon cleanse, aka the Lemonade Diet, aka the Master Cleanse.

This liquid-only diet has had a resurge of popularity due to numerous Hollywood actors rapidly having to lose weight for roles or slim down after they’ve gained vast amounts!

Beyoncé’s admission to Oprah that she dropped a mega 20 plus pounds for her performance in Dreamgirls – and needless to say she looked absolutely stunning – sent thousands of people shopping for lemons and maple syrup.

stanley burroughs cleanse

It wasn’t developed specifically for weight-loss but that was noticed as a rather pleasing and welcomed by-product by many.

Designed for at least 10 days, the cleanse consists of drinking a mix of water, lemons and maple syrup with cayenne pepper, plus laxative teas and a glass of salt-water a day to help you flush out waste.

You eat no solid food. So let’s look now at the two answers in turn.

YES – it IS a waste of time ...

  • if you change the measurements and stray too far from the original recipe and instructions.

There are many books available on the lemonade diet and differing ways how to do it, however Stanley Burroughs insisted the measurements and the recipe remain unchanged if you want optimal healthy results.

For example, do not use honey instead of maple syrup. Use a good grade of maple syrup and organic lemons.

  • if you don't prepare properly.

No good starting today not having altered your regular diet for at least a week or two before.

If you’re used to eating unhealthy processed foods and takeaways and then suddenly ditch the fast food and drink the lemonade mixture, you’ll feel ill big time. Proper preparation is vital.

  • if you're looking for long-lasting weight loss.

If you’re looking to lose weight fast then this will do the job as you are hardly consuming any calories and if you’re not careful and return to your old eating habits, the weight will go straight back on fast and some.

  • if it's for non-health reasons

If you’re using this diet purely to drop a dress (or suit) size as opposed to health reasons and colon cleansing, plus you don’t know your body that well and you haven’t got the OK from your health professional.

Beware it can be dangerous. It is not suitable for kids, teenagers, pregnant women and those with health issues.

lemonade diet

NO – it IS NOT a waste of time ...

  • if you stick to the original recipe:

2 tablespoons of organic lemon juice

2 tablespoons of good maple syrup

pinch of cayenne pepper

8oz of warm water

Drink up to 12 glasses a day.

For example, do not use honey instead of maple syrup, use a good grade of maple syrup and organic lemons.

We know lemons are naturally cleansing, alkalising, full of calcium, potassium and iron. A minimum of 10 days is recommended.

Don’t give up, don’t cheat and listen to your body.

master cleanse recipe
  • if you include exercise during the cleanse.

Walking, yoga, breathing exercises and even a little bit of HIIT – high intensity interval training, if you have the energy.

When the cleanse is over – keep the weight off naturally with clean eating and continuing your chosen and enjoyable exercise programme.

  • if you have prepared.

A week, or even two weeks before, cut out caffeine, alcohol, meat and other acid-forming foods. Ditch the junk food, drink more water and enjoy herbal teas.

When you break the fast, Stanley Burroughs recommends drinking orange juice for a couple of days and then maybe have vegetable soup and eat raw for at least a few days – mainly tasty green salads and vitamin-enriched vegetables.

You can then start to introduce lightly cooked, nourishing organic food.

  • if you change your thinking and attitude.

Once you see the fabulous transformational results of how much surplus weight you’ve lost and how energised you’re feeling, continue with determined action to further improve your digestive health.

No good cleansing your body, without cleansing your mind. Practice mindfulness and gratitude, breathing techniques and even a bit of chanting.

Beautifying yourself from the inside means you’ll look and feel more alive and even more stunning and youthful on the outside.

So there you have it. I’ve given you the pros and cons so you can make up your own mind!

On a personal note, when I did the cleanse, I found the first few days pretty easy, day 4 and 5 were a challenge and by day 6 I was well on my way.

I stuck to the 10 days and the friend I was doing it with – (it’s always worthwhile having the support of a good friend so you can laugh and cry together) – continued for 15 days.

I did it for cleansing reasons and she did it for weight-loss. We both felt fantastic at the end of it and had lots of lovely compliments on how glowing and healthy our skin looked. We felt energised, fit and vibrant. 

It changes your taste buds and remember, to get the worthwhile and lasting benefits – eat clean and get lots of exercise.

lemon detox diet
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