7 Morning Rituals For Healthy Minds

Let your morning set you up for a positive and fulfilling day. Shelly Bloom reveals 7 habits for healthy minds to help you on the path to clarity and light.

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They support a positive start to my day and lift my energy levels. If you have a busy life and building these seven rituals in the morning feels too overwhelming at this moment in time, I suggest just choosing 3 or 4 and practise them for a week. The following week, pick another 3 or 4 and alternate each week.

Better to get started with just a few than not at all.

1. Stretch & Be Grateful

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When waking in the morning – roll on to your back and stretch your body – wriggle your fingers and toes, rotate your wrists and ankles and shake your arms and legs to wake up your energy.

Then place palms on your abdomen and feel your breath rising and falling. Ask yourself "What am I grateful for today?"

2. Have a Mantra

Before getting out of bed, think of a positive intention and use it to guide you through your day, regularly reinforcing it in your mind like a mantra.

3. Cleanse & Rehydrate

Warm water with lemon, or a herbal tea, first thing in the morning is an excellent way to get your body going.

The lemon will help kickstart your digestive system ready for the coming meals, and makes the water tastier. You can add some honey to it as well if you want to cut down on some of the tartness.


4. Meditate

Practise a 10 minute meditation: The breath count technique – sit comfortably either in an upright chair or on the floor.

Close your eyes and inhale for a count to 3 and exhale for a count to 5.

5. Have Breakfast

Enjoy a healthy light breakfast, omitting gluten and refined sugars, to enable you to feel energised.

6. Shower

Taking a shower wakes up the senses and leaves you feeling fresh for a new day.

7. Smile

morning smile

See a happier you reflecting back in the mirror! Smiling at yourself for 30 seconds helps boost self -esteem and lifts your mood.

Smile at others throughout the day – remember what you give out comes back to you.

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Starting the day with these rituals creates an opportunity to feel lighter and brighter with clarity of mind.

Please feel free to share ways in which you begin your day below.

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Shelley Bloom

Shelley Bloom has been a reiki practitioner for 15 years and involved in teaching meditation and yoga for 16 years. Her enthusiasm to teach is born through the benefits she has experienced through her own practice, beginning over 20 years ago. Shelley draws from a variety of systems and ancient traditions to create a basis for her teaching and therapy, and over the years has studied with many inspirational. wise and learned teachers. Her approach is professional and compassionate, warmly encouraging, and supporting individuals to reach their own potential. Shelley makes a clear intention to reach out to those from all walks of life who need, or are searching for, the tools and skills to support life’s challenges and experiences. innerpeace.uk.com shelley.bloom@sky.com

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