5 Natural Cleaning Products That Are Completely Non-toxic

The supermarket shelves are stacked full of chemical cleaning products. Are they all really necessary? Let’s go back to the "good old days" when just a few natural products did the trick.

natural cleaning products

Nowadays commercial cleaning products are found everywhere. There’s such a wide range of choice and price and there are multiple cleaners that all appear to do the same job.

It can all be so confusing and in the meantime, the manufacturers rake in the money. So let’s think eco-friendly and leave all those chemical substances to gather dust on the shelves (although I guarantee you can find a wipe for that!).

Even if you are not entirely convinced about replacing your chemical cleaning products with their non-toxic alternatives, think of the innumerable advantages.

They are safer to use and easy to be prepare. They are the ideal cost-effective decision for complete and thorough cleaning and we are helping to save the planet at the same time!

natural cleaning product recipes

1.Baking Soda

Baking soda is a widespread natural cleaning product due to its abrasive properties. It can be used effectively for scrubbing surfaces such as sinks and toilets.

A strategically-placed small open box of baking soda in the fridge will also absorb any unpleasant odours. To freshen carpets, make your own Shake n' Vac by adding three drops of your favourite essential oil to the baking soda and sprinkle over the surface before you vacuum.


White vinegar has been used as a natural household cleaner since ancient times. It has proven impeccable qualities for degreasing and for deodorising and is an excellent cleaner for glass surfaces, eliminating smears and fingerprints rapidly.

Mix equal parts of vinegar and water and polish with a microfiber cloth until sparkling clean.

organic cleaning products

3. Essential Oils

Although there is a wide range of essential oils on the market, those that are particularly suitable for natural cleaning recipes are lavender, orange, lemon and peppermint.

To make an effective homemade general household cleaner, fill a spray bottle with water and a little eco dishwashing liquid, add a few drops of your favourite scent and shake to blend.

Armed with a natural sponge, this wonderful cleanser can be used for the complete cleaning of all kitchen and bathroom surfaces.


Lemon juice is the perfect natural cleanser used for sanitising all types of surfaces as well as for eradicating mould. Use lemon juice to clean your cutting board and to eliminate lingering smells. Squeeze one lemon over the board and leave for up to 15 minutes.

The lemon juice possesses this amazing property that kills bacteria and removes all stains.

natural cleaning products that work

5.Castile Soap

This is an old-fashioned soap made of vegetable fat or oil, like olive or palm oil. It is effectively used separately as well as combined with other products for versatile cleaning of a multitude of surfaces such as floors, ceilings and even your own body.

Mix the Castile soap with a few drops of essential oil and use it for cleaning tiles, toilets and bath tubs. Castile soap is also effectively used for carpet cleaning.

If you want to revive the look of your carpets, put some Castile soap instead of carpet shampoo into your carpet cleaning machine.

So here you have a basic guide for using natural cleaners that are non-toxic and effective. Enjoy these simple recipes and let me know if you have discovered other cost-effective and eco-friendly ways in which to make your home spotless and more welcoming.

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