7 Reasons to Start Piloxing ®

It seems like Pilates is fused with anything nowadays – yoga, spinning, aquatics and now boxing . But can this new Hollywood craze really cut it?

Teresa Malins, one of London's first Piloxing® instructors reveals 7 reasons to don your gloves and get in the ring ... 


Piloxing® is a high-energy, fast-paced fusion of boxing, standing pilates and dance, guaranteed to make you sweat and burn up to 900 calories per workout!

Originating in LA, it is the brainchild of Viveca Jensen, a former jazz dancer and has been quickly named the newest celebrity workout.

Here are seven reasons to try it ...

1. It’s Fun!

In each Piloxing® class there is definitely something for everyone. Whether you are into the dynamic punches of a boxing workout, being as graceful as a ballerina or a funky hip hop dancer. This workout brings each of these elements and melts them together in a awesome fun workout that will definitely get you hooked!

piloxing workout

2. It’s Effective!

You wear a pair of small gloves each weighing 0.5lb on each hand. These help with technique, positioning, raising your heart rate and of course aid toning your arms.

3. It’s a Barefoot Workout.

No need to bring trainers. Piloxing® is a barefoot workout and uses all the little intrinsic muscles in your ankles and feet.

This helps you to connect to your core, improve your balance, helps you become more aware of your surroundings as well as improving posture, alignment and strengthening support of the ankle, legs and feet.

piloxing calories burned

4. The Music Is Wicked!

Piloxing® is performed to the latest dance music at 145 beats per minute. It’s fast and leaves you feeling ‘pumped’!

5. It’s a Core Workout.

Every exercise you perform in Piloxing® is performed from your core, so whether your punching, plié-ing or grooving, you do it with your abs engaged.

All this coupled with exercises that really test your stability and balance and you are guaranteed to walk away with a stronger centre!

piloxing dvd

6. You Get to Lay Down!

Each Piloxing® class has around 10 minutes of floor work at the end which includes work for glutes and abs. You may find yourself doing "the plank" or sometimes more traditional Pilates exercises such as "the hundred" or "single leg stretch".

Then, of course a cool down track at the end to stretch and lower your heart rate.

7. You’ll Love It!

Everyone does! Come to your first Piloxing® class expecting to work out and leave wanting more!

So if you’re searching for something a bit different then definitely give this a try. It's a great way to complement your regular matwork or equipment classes.

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About the author

Teresa Mailns

Teresa has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Coming from a dance background, she spent many years teaching aerobics and choreography classes in London's most prestigious health clubs. Teresa has featured in many fitness DVDs, including Mr Motivator's number 1 bestseller Legs Bums and Tums and made numerous appearances (back in the day) on Sky TV's Aerobics Oz Style. After aerobics, Teresa became involved in Pilates and spent many years teaching classes as well as tutoring and assessing Pilates certification courses for one of the UK's top training providers. She discovered Piloxing® three years ago after the birth of the 2nd daughter and decided it would be a great workout to complement the popular Pilates classes she teaches. She was one of the very first instructors to bring Piloxing® to London and has watched it grow form strength to strength. teresamalins.com / teresamalins@gmail.com Twitter Facebook

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